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What We Offer

Promotional Videos

Whether you are a brand launching a new product, or an organisation trying to promote an event, a promotional video is a key way to get across your unique selling point to your audience. We love getting involved at an early stage to help you generate unique and creative ideas.

Daily Event Coverage

Daily Event Coverage is not only ideal for competitors to watch their action on the water, this is a also great way to generate content to promote your class. This can also be used for daily wrap up videos and content can be utilised to make edits for the promotion of future events and to enhance social media followings.

Event Wrap Up Videos

Event wrap up videos provide a narrative of your event. These videos are usually a little longer, with annotation and narration offering a summary of the most exciting and memorable parts of the regatta, both on and off the water.

Social Media Videos

Social media and email marketing are both fundamental tools to generate hype about your brand - and what better way to achieve this than uploading regular video content on your channel. We can help edit and schedule your content to allow you to build engagement with your audience.


Over the past 10 years recording high quality content has become much more accessible with most phones and action cameras boasting high quality cameras. Whether you are an organisation or individual, we are also happy to edit your existing footage to satisfy your immediate requirements.

Non Sailing Related?

Head over to our sister company if you are interested in working with us on a project which doesn't involve sailing. We work on a wide range of commercial jobs mainly across the UK & Irleand, but are available for work further afield.


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